Sunday, 8 September 2013


Mobiles have fast become common in the past decade. Several mobile companies have been introduced which are producing new and better cell phones at affordable rates on regular bases. Every one these days are using cell phones and a lot of problems are also arising due to it. Several kidnapping cases and other such crimes have been committed with the help of mobiles and due to the extensive use of it, the government and other security agencies have set up such tools that have made tracing of mobile numbers easy. This has helped in reducing the crime rate that was being done due to the misuse of mobiles.

How ever all those people who use cell phones to tease other people cannot be controlled by these security agencies as they are not entering the circle of crime in any way. to get rid of such people the best thing to do is to confront them or their guardians as usually such kind of misuse is being done by the teenagers. They enjoy calling up other people and disturbing them. They waste their own time as well.

Due to the extensive use of internet and other websites it is quite easy to trace a mobile number. the social media has engage everyone with them, people add their basic details which include mobile numbers and home address as well a times on the sign up information section of Facebook, twitter, etc. typing in a mobile number to any search engine the details of the person can be seen easily. Anyone who has uploaded any such kind of details on any kind of website; social media or any other can be reached easily.